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Commercial plumbing and gas fitting services Perth

When you need a team who knows how to work across a broad range of commercial plumbing projects, you can't go wrong with Litas Mainstone. Whether you need maintenance work performed on your hotel's plumbing system, or a full fit out for your brand-new restaurant, we'll get the work done efficiently and effectively. We're highly experienced with working as part of a larger construction effort alongside electricians, cabinetmakers and other contractors, and that knowledge allows us to coordinate better than your average plumber across complex projects. When you work with Litas Mainstone, you're working with a team whose mastery of their craft has been honed by experience, collaboration, and dedication. 

We're serious about safety 

In Western Australia, fire safety is critical. We can ensure that your water pumps and fire-fighting installations will be up to the task should you need them, so that any staff or customers in your space can be protected even if the worst should happen. We also bring this attitude to every other element of our work, and can provide guidance if you need filling in on the plumbing regulations that may impact on your construction or renovation plans. And to every worksite, we bring safe work practices, clear communication, and well-maintained tools used only by those trained to handle them.  

We'll keep your plumbing maintained with minimal disruption to your operations 

Regular maintenance is key to reducing the risk of expensive and harder to fix issues down the track. We're available to maintain your commercial property, and provide input into your ongoing maintenance budget. If there's a mysterious leak seeping into your walls, or an unreliable drainage system that frequently clogs, the best time to do something about it is now. By preventing problems before they start, and fixing small ones before they grow larger, you'll save your business money in the long run, both in terms of your utility bills and from reduced disruption to your operations. We can work around your schedule, so that any regular maintenance activities won't interfere with your day-to-day business. 

We've collaborated with a wide variety of local developers and suppliers across Perth 

Here's a list of just a few of our successful collaboration partners: E-Build Constructions, Absecon Constructions, Pyramid Constructions, Mercedes Constructions, Dempsey Gillespie Constructions, Temp Holmes, Prada Corp, Fremantle Furniture Factory, John Holland.

Professional commercial plumbing is only a call away 

With our prompt, reliable service and experienced, dedicated team, your next commercial plumbing project is in good hands. Choose Litas Mainstone, for quality, efficient plumbing services, every time. 

Commercial plumbing Perth

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