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Get your blocked toilet back in working order 

A blocked drain is a frustrating issue no matter where it occurs, but a blocked toilet tops the list, for both risks to hygiene and sheer inconvenience. If your toilet is beginning to show the signs of clogging, or if it is completely blocked, we are fully equipped to solve the problem, whether it's caused by issues with your trap or a clogged drain line. 

Early warning signs that your toilet needs attention

The most obvious sign is slow flushing, with your toilet taking considerable time to properly empty. More subtle signs are in the water levels – your toilet's water level may suddenly fall much lower than usual, or become much higher. If an additional flush doesn't return water levels to normal, then you are most likely dealing with some form of blockage. Don't sit back and hope for it to go away on its own – a completely blocked toilet is just not worth the headache, and the problem will generally only get worse, not better. 

What to do with an overflowing toilet that just won't stop filling up 

As well as blockages to its drainage system, you may be unlucky enough to encounter an issue with your toilet where it just keeps filling, and just doesn't stop.  

If this happens, you can open the cistern (the tank behind your toilet) and lift the fill valve, which ideally will stop additional water being let into the tank. There should also be a valve located relatively close to your toilet – turn this to cut off the water supply to the cistern entirely. If neither of these actions give you any luck, then you'll need to turn off the main water supply to your home. This will usually be in your front garden if you live in a house or townhouse. In an apartment building, your isolation valve or tap will generally be located in your bathroom or laundry, or close to your front door. 

We'll sort out your blocked toilet at any time of the day or night 

The sooner you deal with your blocked or overflowing toilet, the sooner you can get the full use of your bathroom back. Our licensed plumbers have all the tools and experience needed to get your toilet back in working order, so get in touch with us today. And if it's an emergency, we're ready to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Extra charges apply during the following hours: 

  • Weekends: 12:00pm Saturday until 7:00am Monday, and 
  • Weekdays: 5:00pm until 7:00am. 
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