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Blocked shower drain? 

Standing in a growing puddle of water while the drainage struggles to keep up with the flow of water from your shower head is never fun. Left untended, fully clogged drains can seep all kinds of unhygienic, unidentifiable gunk onto your bathroom floor, full of bacterial growth, mould, and other unsavoury materials. We are fully equipped with all the tools needed to get your shower drain unclogged, so that you don't have to mess around in gunk or nasty chemicals.  

Watch for the warning signs 

If your shower is draining more slowly, or making strange noises it never used to make as the water trickles down, that's a good sign that your drain is beginning to clog. You might also encounter nasty odours, often caused by bacteria feeding on the build-up of hair, dirt, and other sediment in your drain. By unclogging your drain, you can get back your comfortable showering experience, with properly draining water and no bad smells. 

Take your blocked drains seriously 

Even before you get to the disastrous state of a flooded bathroom, a blocked drain can be doing damage to the structure of your home. Voids in shower grout or caulking can allow slowly draining water to seep into your walls and floors, which can create expensive structural issues over time.  

Sometimes a DIY job can be enough, but if your shower drain continues to clog repeatedly despite your efforts, there may be a more serious blockage in your sewer line that needs to be investigated by a professional. 

We'll get your blocked shower drain sorted 

Save yourself the experience of getting arm-deep in unidentifiable, foul-smelling gunk, and get one of our fully equipped plumbers to take the task on instead. We can clear your shower drain and restore it back to working condition, and identify deeper issues with your plumbing if there's more going on than just a few too many long hairs. Contact us today for a straightforward quote and reliable service – even for emergencies. We can sort out your flooded bathroom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Extra charges apply during the following hours: 

  • Weekends: 12:00pm Saturday until 7:00am Monday, and 
  • Weekdays: 5:00pm until 7:00am. 
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Let us know what's causing you problems, and we'll work with you to get it sorted out, efficiently and effectively. 

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