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Straightforward shower head replacements 

Is water not being distributed properly by your shower head? Is it beginning to rust, or leaking regularly? Some of these issues may be caused by the shower head itself, and others by a problem with your home's internal plumbing. Our friendly and fully licensed plumbers can investigate the causes and conduct maintenance onsite, so that you can get back to relaxing in a leak-free and properly cared-for shower. 

Is it the shower head that's the problem, or something else? 

If your shower head was installed less than nine months ago, but is providing minimal water pressure despite there being no water pressure issues elsewhere in your home, then it may just need a clean to free it from a build-up of mineral deposits. If this doesn't fix the issue, there may be a faulty water diverter valve, or some sediment build-up in your water heater, usually due to calcium building up over time.  

We can look into the cause of your water pressure issues, and resolve those first, before you make the decision to replace your shower head. This includes replacing your shower diverter, flushing your water heater to clear it of sediment, and conducting general maintenance on the supply pipes to your bathroom if needed. That way, you're only paying for what you need done, saving you money and prolonging the usefulness of your shower head and plumbing. 

When to replace your shower head 

Sometimes a little repair isn't enough, and you need that shower head replaced, fast. Regular leaking, continued low water pressure even after cleaning, and mould growth are all signs that it's time to make the change. We can swap out your shower head quickly, and install the new one for a water-tight and professional fit. 

We can install your new shower head quickly and safely 

Whether your shower head is growing old, or you just want to update the look of your bathroom, our licenced plumbers are ready to apply their skill to your project. If you're interested in replacing your tapware at the same time, we can do that too, and you save on the cost of multiple visits. Let us know what you need done in your bathroom today, and we'll get it done right, every time.  
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Gas leak detection

If you suspect that there is a gas leak in your home, don't wait another minute to call. We can conduct an emergency investigation promptly, to keep your household safe.

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Blocked shower drain

Standing in a growing puddle of water as your shower drainage struggles to keep up is never fun. We can get your shower drain clean and clear, quickly and hygienically.

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Leaking taps

When it comes to frustrating noises, dripping taps are up there with the whine of a mosquito or the sound of a lawnmower at 4am.

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Let us know what's causing you problems, and we'll work with you to get it sorted out, efficiently and effectively. 

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