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Cleverly uniting modern techniques with vintage styles 

There's something so satisfying about preserving a historical site, bringing its innate character to life again with thoughtful updates and careful modifications. Litas Mainstone was lucky enough to perform such work recently at an old post office, located on Scarborough Beach Road.  

With such a unique building to work on, we were excited to get started on giving the property an upgrade that embraced its local history, while adding a modern twist. A major part of the work was the installation of large fire pumps and tanks in the basement of the building, required due to a lack of water pressure in the street mains of Mt Hawthorn. 

We also installed water efficient taps, fixtures and appliances onsite, which will provide the same services as always, but in a water-wise way, preserving WA's most precious resource.  

Not only is this new water-efficient installation preserving water and minimising wastage; it also adds incredible economic benefits for the property long-term. Costly short-term solutions for handling the lack of water pressure will not be needed, and of course, there's a resulting saving in water and energy bills, too!  

We were very proud of the work our team completed on this project, which has breathed new life into such a wonderful building. By working closely with all the team at E- Build Constructions, we were able to make a big difference to preserving the historical buildings in My Hawthorn. 

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