Picture this: you are showering under a waterfall on a tropical island, and you are at one with nature. 

Got it? Great. Now imagine doing that, but from your own backyard. With an outdoor shower, you can. 

Outdoor showers are a fantastic addition to any home, especially in sun-kissed Australia. If you have a pool, an outdoor shower is even more valuable, as it just adds another fantastic element to your pool space. 

For just over half of the year, we are blessed with weather that would allow you to shower outdoors. With winter just around the corner, there has never been a better time to install that shower ready for next summer. 

Get it done right 

Make sure that when you are installing your outdoor shower, you call in a professional. At Litas Mainstone Plumbing and Gas, we can help design and create the perfect outdoor shower that is functional in the summer, and easy to keep tidy in the winter when it's not in use. 

If you're looking for privacy, we can create a cocoon around you that will still give you that 'one with nature' feeling, but without any snooping neighbours seeing more than either of you bargained for. 

In addition to any privacy needs, have a look around online and see if there are any styles of outdoor shower that you particularly like. Would you go for something with wooden finishings? Do you want a Hamptons-style bathhouse? Or are you looking for a more zen-like space? 

No matter your outdoor shower dreams, at Litas Mainstone Plumbing and Gas, we can make them a reality. We have all the tools and skills required to create any type of outdoor shower experience. 

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We recently created the custom-designed shower pictured here using an old railway sleeper, giving it a rustic feel that was a perfect match for the client's backyard. Working alongside Vondel Designs, we have the ability to create outdoor showers out of anything you could possibly imagine. 

Need to convince your partner that an outdoor shower is worth it? Take a look at the benefits below. 

5 reasons to install an outdoor shower 

Building an outdoor shower can bring you many benefits. Here are our top reasons to install one in your home: 

Get kids clean, without messing up the house 

Have you ever come home from a day out at the park or the pool, only to end up with muddy footprints, dirty clothes and general mess all over your house? 

An outdoor shower can eliminate all of this mess. Before they enter the house, get the kids straight into the outdoor shower and they can wash and change clothes right there, saving your home from having the day's dirt strewn throughout every room. 

Live resort style 

Sometimes in life, we just need a break from the monotony. 

Having a luxurious outdoor shower can bring the 5-star resort to you, for a fraction of the price. 

Grab some mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner and you're sorted.

Add value to your home 
When you do eventually sell your home, any added bonuses mean extra dollars or at the very least, extra interest. An outdoor shower is essentially another mini bathroom, expanding the practical spaces available in your home, along with the luxury of showering outdoors. You're bound to spark curiosity before your potential buyers even walk in your front door! 

Survive the summer holidays 

If you are big on entertaining over the summer holidays, an outdoor shower is a great way to allow your guests to shower easily after a big day in the pool. 

Just like if you were dealing with messy kids, you want to ensure house guests don't trudge through your house in wet bathers. 

Wash the animals 
An outdoor shower is a great way to give your pets a quick rinse down if they have been out at the park and are covered in mess. 

Just pop them under the shower, give them a rinse, and you're done. 

No muddy paw marks on your living room carpet ever again. 

You deserve the fun and practicality of an outdoor shower 

Winter is the perfect time to install your shower. Get an obligation-free quote on your outdoor shower today, by calling 1300 FIX IT RIGHT. 
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