Say hello to Chris Litas! Along with his good friend Chad Mainstone, Chris helped start our business all the way back in 2005. He is currently one of the directors of Litas Mainstone, and has over fifteen years of valuable experiences in plumbing. Chris is both a certified plumber and a certified gas fitter, and has even completed the Growth Owner Program at Curtin Business School. 

Chris is extremely dedicated to his business. His number one objective is to provide the community with quality workmanship in a professional manner, with pride and commitment to all aspects of the plumbing and gas fitting industry, ranging from commercial to domestic. Chris helps to ensure that every project handled by Litas Mainstone is executed with great skill, and at an industry-leading quality. 

So now that you know all about Chris, make sure to say hi to him the next time you're looking for help with any type of plumbing! 

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