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Professional washing machine installation 

We can ensure your washing machine has the connections and fitting it needs to be up to the task of managing your household's laundry. Our services will meet the requirements for any brand of washing machine, with any configuration – be it a single intake top-loader, dual-intake front loader, or a combination washer-dryer with drawers – we can prepare your home with the connections it needs.  

We can help you all the way from installing the appropriate plumbing to completing and testing the washing machine install. That way, you can be certain that your washing machine is installed levelly, with properly fitted water supply and drain hoses.  

Get the most out of your washing machine with our end-to-end installation service 

A poorly installed washing machine will run louder, be more prone to faults, and be more at risk of causing water damage to your home. Machines without the correct water pressure to operate may even cease to operate at all. By working with us to set up the ideal connections for your machine, you can be confident that you will not inadvertently void the manufacturer's warranty or risk damage to your home. We will test your machine's connections before we leave your property, to ensure it's in the best state possible to serve your family for many years to come. 

We can coordinate with other contractors working on your laundry 

If you need a cabinet maker or other professional to work on your laundry as part of your washing machine install, we are more than happy to coordinate our services with them, so that your laundry renovations go smoothly and efficiently. 

High quality, straightforward installations 

We've seen all kinds of interesting washing machine install locations. Whether yours is out in the middle of your laundry, tucked away behind cupboard doors or under the stairs, we'll bring our skills and experience to the task of making it work for you. Don't risk water damage to your home with a dodgy install job – talk to us today and we can get started on determining your exact washing machine install requirements.

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Laundry sink installation

Your laundry sink needs to be up to the task of handling all kinds of activities, from soaking stained clothing to cleaning off gardening tools. We can help you today.

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Laundry tap installation

The laundry is often one of the most overlooked places around the home, but a well-laid out and properly fitted laundry room will make your day-to-day easier.

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Laundry renovation

Is your current laundry not able to support every task you require of it? Are taps in all the wrong places, the laundry sink a nightmare, and the layout a total mess?

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We can make your next installation a breeze  

Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll get back to you to walk through your installation needs. 

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