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Seamless laundry tap installation 

The laundry is often one of the most overlooked places around the home, but a well-laid out and properly fitted laundry room will make your day-to-day easier, and improve the value of your home. And while it's important to get all the large pieces sorted out, from your washing machine to your heavy-duty laundry sink – it pays to give attention to the smaller details too, including your laundry taps.  

Whether you need to relocate piping as part of your install or just swap out the tapware, we're ready to help you make the most of your laundry 

When you hire one of our licensed professionals, you're sure of a straightforward and up-front service. We've worked on every aspect of laundry plumbing, bringing that experience to your job to guarantee a well-considered and quality result. We can relocate piping and tapware to best suit your needs, and provide expert advice if you're uncertain of the best possible placement options. 

Just need the taps swapped out, with no alteration to water connections? We're happy to help. By choosing Litas Mainstone, you'll be getting a fully licensed plumber who will get what you need done, done. 

Need help with choosing your replacement tapware? 

Litas Mainstone Plumbing and Gas offers a wide range of stylish, water efficient tapware to suit all budgets including: Basin sets, General laundry sets, Shower sets, Washing machine taps, Conversion taps, Quarter turn wall tops, Quarter turn basin sets, Quarter turn bath sets, Quarter turn shower sets, Wall mixers Basin mixers and more! 

For the best possible results, leave it to the experts 

There's a good reason why our team has continued to grow and expand our services over the decades: total customer satisfaction. We stay up to date with modern plumbing tools and techniques, to minimise disruption to your home and get the job done efficiently and effectively.  We're committed to providing a smooth and simple experience for you, with friendly, fully licensed plumbers and a strong support team working behind the scenes to support them.  

We know your time is valuable, and that's why we provide no-surprises, up-front estimates and jargon-free advice, so that you can get what you need done, fast. For effortless installation and quality plumbing, get in touch with us today. 

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Laundry sink installation

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Laundry renovation

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We can make your next installation a breeze  

Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll get back to you to walk through your installation needs. 

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