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Let us make your laundry renovation a success 

Is your current laundry not able to support every task you require of it? Are taps in all the wrong places, the laundry sink a nightmare, and the layout a total mess? A well-planned renovation will turn your inefficient laundry space into a room you actually enjoying being in. And by choosing to work with Litas Mainstone on your laundry renovation project, you'll get the plumbing connections you need, installed safely and seamlessly within your home. We can even offer project management services if you need help coordinating other contractors for your renovation. 

We can rework your laundry so that you can maximise your storage and activity space 

Why settle for a tap or sink in an odd location when you can swap things around and free up space to install additional cupboards, drying and ironing space? By customising your laundry, you can make it work for you. We're experienced at working alongside cabinet makers and other professionals to create spaces that function well and look good, which will make all the difference.  

When planning your renovation, don't forget to consider things like the depth of laundry sink you may require, how you'll be accessing your cleaning and laundry supplies, your ventilation needs, and the potential for a pull-out hamper or ironing board. By working with us to ensure your plumbing connections are all in order, you'll have the freedom to totally transform your laundry.  

Only a licensed plumber should be trusted with getting your laundry plumbing right 

Badly installed drains or pipe work can create water supply and hygiene issues. Our plumbers are fully licensed and certified for handling your laundry plumbing installations. We have the equipment, the training and the knowledge to work on your project safely and in accordance with the appropriate regulations and rules. On top of that, we're experienced with working with other contractors as part of larger renovation projects, which means we can work efficiently and promptly to get your new laundry sorted, no matter how needs to be done. 

Work with us to renovate your laundry within your budget 

We'll give you up-front, experienced advice for your laundry plumbing needs, and work with you to ensure everything you need done is taken into account and costed. If you need to tailor your new laundry to fit within a specific expense range, we can give you guidance on what's most important to fit first, and what you might be able to leave for later.  

We want you to be happy with your new laundry. Our quality work will minimise risk of any leaks or other plumbing issues down the track, so that you can enjoy and effective and easy to maintain laundry room. 

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We can make your next installation a breeze  

Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll get back to you to walk through your installation needs. 

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