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Quality laundry sink installation 

Your laundry sink needs to be up to the task of handling all kinds of activities, from soaking stained clothing to cleaning off gardening tools. For industry-leading durability and minimal chances of corrosion or leakage, getting your laundry sink fitted by professional will save you time and effort, and likely money as well, thanks to mitigating the risk of damage to your home. 

We can make sure your laundry sink is placed in the most convenient and logical place in your laundry. We can replace pipework, remove the old basin, and set up any connections required.  

Doing the laundry may be a chore, but a well-planned out, properly fitted space can make all the difference 

It might not be the central social hub of your household, but glossing over the layout and connection details of your laundry can lead to all sorts of problems. A professionally connected and fitted laundry area will be more effective, and more pleasant to spend time in. We can help ensure your laundry sink is fitted in the best location to match your activity style. We're able to fit your sink perfectly, so that it can work in conjunction with your washing machine, in a corner, or as part of a laundry storage solution. We're more than happy to synchronise our work with your cabinet makers and other tradies for a fully customised, modern laundry area.    

As laundry renovation experts, we're more than capable of getting your laundry sink fitted perfectly, every time 

We can combine your laundry sink installation services with other laundry renovation services, helping you to realise your brand new, better-than-ever laundry as quickly as possible. We are always up-front with our pricing and recommendations, so you won't have any surprises – just a functional laundry and a streamlined installation experience.  
With decades of experience under our belts, you can expect quality from us every time, with no fuss, and no headaches. We're ready to help you get your laundry sink perfectly fitted, so get in touch with us today for friendly, professional service you can trust. 

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We can make your next installation a breeze  

Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll get back to you to walk through your installation needs. 

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